Delta Airlines System Analysis

Topics: Delta Air Lines, SkyTeam, Northwest Airlines Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: January 1, 2012
Delta airlines had a major technology revolution when Leo Mullins, the CEO of Delta, in 1997 set IT as a priority for the success of Delta. Since then Delta has changed from technologically laggard to a leader in its industry. Two burning platforms, Y2K and, played a vital role in Delta’s success from a technological perspective are. Y2K AND PRICELINE.COM

When Y2K was on the horizon, Charlie Feld, consultant and later chief information officer, presented Leo of Delta’s technology state, which was so disappointing that Charlie said, “You can’t get there from here.” Inc. needed a major carried to provide seats to sell; Delta enable them this opportunity. Delta Air Lines also provided with its excess inventory (seats on planes) in exchange for equity position, which increased its revenues. Delta designed “Mind Your Own Business Travel” website, which was a new business concept and offered professional travel-planning tools exclusively for small businesses. Seeking to avert a Y2K crisis, Delta invested around $600 million on its IT infrastructure and earns 20 % of its sales from online channels. IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Delta also aims to provide customer travel experience and provide them with updated and accurate information. Delta has installed Gate Information Display Screens to provide regular information flow of flight status, weather forecasts and flight details. Delta has a large remote workforce including 3500 pilots and 19000 flight attendants. ONLINE WEBSITE

Delta has an online website where customers can purchase tickets, read flight schedules and be up-to-date with weather forecasts. Delta has earned 20% of its sales from the online website and save costs on printed and hard copy ordering. IMPROVING EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE

Delta has a successful Wired Work Force program to keep its employees close and happy, which provides each employee to purchase a quality computer at an...
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