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and Supply Management

the assessment of the sanchalak. After the inspection and weighing, payment is made to the farmer for his produce and transportation to the procurement hub. In addition to above, e-Choupal has following features: • It provides a gateway of an expanding spectrum of commodities leaving farms-wheat, maize, spices, coffee, and aqua-products'. Supply chain is scalable and over the time it has demonstrated sustainability. Direct participation of stakeholders has helped in building trust. It can be customized, validated, and expanded to fulfill the local needs. the power of IT-enablement rice, pulses, soya,

associJ young ~ Jeans ensure Ar quality, early da

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E-Choupal has demonstrated of rural economy of India.

of an agro-based supply chain, which is the prime mover

I 2 Map and explain the supply chain of e-Choupal. List few other initiatives to manage the operations and supply chains of rural India. worst 0 compet Pepe £200M. percent Pep tives, th associat costs w puts th . 30 perc schedul The indicat Basicall differen found t The! ably be reduced The] Theyfo they wo operate, the reno

1 2 3 http://www.itcportal.comlrural-development/echoupal.htm Surjeet Das Gupta, The choupal as a meta market, Business Standard, Strategist,S March 2002.




Pepe began to produce and sell denim jeans in the early 1970s in the United Kingdom and has achieved enormous growth. Pepe's success was the result of a unique approach in a product market dominated by strong brands and limited variety. Pepe presented a range of jeans styles that offered a better fit than traditional 5-pocket Western jeans (such as those made by Levi Strauss in the United States)-particularly for female customers. The Pepe range of basic styles is modified each season, but each style keeps its identity with a slightly whimsical name featured prominently on the jeans and on the point-of-sale material. Variations such as modified washes, leather trim, and even designer wear marks are applied to respond to changing fashion trends. To learn more about Pepe and its products, visit its Web site at http://www. pepejeans.coV Pepe's brand strength is such that-the company can demand a retail price that averages ~bo.J!till (£1 = $1.6) for its standard productsf A high percentage of Pepe sales are through about 1,500 independent outlets throughout the United Kingdom. The company maintains contact with its independent retailers via a group of approximately 10 agents, who are self-employed and work exclusively for Pepe. Each agent is responsible for retailers in a particular area ofthe country . ... epe is convinced that a good relationship with the independent retailers is vital to its SUcCess.Tbeagent meets P with each independent retailer three to four times each year in order to present the new collecticns.and to take sales orders. Because the number of accounts for each agent is so large, contact is often achieved by holdjng..a-presentation in a hotel for several retailers. Agents take orders from retailers for six-month delivery. After Pepe receives an order, the retailer has only one week in which to cancel because of the need to place immediate firm orders in Hong Kong to meet the delivery date. The company has had a long-standing policy of not holding any inventory of jeans in the United Kingdom.s> After order is taken and confirmed, the rest of the process up to delivery is a inistered from the Pepe office in Willesden. The status of orders can be checked from a Web site maintained by Pepe. The actual orders are sent to a sourcing agent in Hong Kong who arranges for manufacturing the jeans. The sourcing agent handles all the details





Supply Chain Strategy


associated with materials, fabrication, and shipping...
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