Deloitte Impact Day

Topics: Deloitte, Helen Keller, Hearing impairment Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: February 11, 2011
The Deloitte Impact Day
IMPACT : a noticeable effect; have a strong effect. On the lines of the meanings of the word IMPACT as given by the Oxford Dictionary and as above the ‘Deloitte IMPACT Day’ has proved to be the perfect platform for the DPeople to develop themselves and to have positive IMPACT on the society. A man is believed to be a social animal and to survive in the society he needs to maintain a give and take relationship within his community. The ‘Deloitte IMPACT Day’ provided an opportunity to the DPeople to contribute their part to the community. The IMPACT day t-shirts flashing the quote “Community is our Business” complimented the commitment demonstrated by the DPeople. Honestly speaking, till the very last moment, until I reached the Deloitte USI premises at Powai for the inaugural ceremony I hardly had any idea as to what kind of IMPACT can I make or what kind of impact I shall have on myself. The atmosphere at the Deloitte USI premises was mind boggling. The entire premises thronged by the DPeople dressed in the blue coloured IMPACT day t-shirts seemed enchanting. I had never experienced such a feeling ever before. The moment I stepped in the premises I realised the magnamity of Deloitte as an organisation and the Deloitte IMPACT day. I became more eager and looked forward to participate and contribute to my fullest. All the infrastructural arrangements for the day were just perfect for any extremely well organised event. Right from the transportation to food everything was taken care of in the best manner. The entire event successfully followed the defined timelines throughout the day. SPARSH : a Hindi word, which in English means ‘a touch’. The project SPARSH, with an aim to contribute to the cause of development of visually/ speech/ hearing impaired people proved to be amongst one of the most talked about projects under the Deloitte IMPACT day events across Mumbai. The efforts made by the project leads of project SPARSH for the...
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