Deloitte and Touche Case Interview Preparation Guide

Topics: Accounts receivable, Accounting software, Accounts payable Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: March 23, 2008
Interview Preparation Guide for the Deloitte and Touche Management Consulting Case SKS

Meeting Details
Name: Roger Kramer
Position: CFO of SKS
Meeting time: Monday October 15, at 4:00 p.m., at his office Length of meeting: 45 minutes
Appointment confirmed? Yes
Who else is coming? Another consultant, waiting for confirmation Meeting Objectives:
1.Introduce myself and the purpose of the engagement
2.Allay any fears and concerns that he might have regarding the engagement 3.Create a rapport
4.Solicit both opinions and facts regarding the cash flow shortage and accounts receivable turnover times and processes 5.Obtain reports to build the models you are working with and support for testing the hypothesis. 6.Leave a good impression to foster future collaboration

Pre-meeting research:
Talk to David Hendry and Annette Wattley-Davis to see if they have talked to Jack Skidmore about Roger Kramer. Informally ask Jack Skidmore about your meeting and if he can give you any pointer to make the meeting more effective. Search for past studies, and see if anyone conducted a study at SKS before. If someone has worked there before, ask for help in preparing for you interview. Put together a briefing package on what you have been working on, in case Mr Kramer asks you. Prepare an agenda of the main questions to be resolved

Informally ask Stan Janovich for pointers on how to best approach Kramer Ask another consultant if they can be at the meeting to help you with note taking.

1.Introductions and purpose of the engagement
2.Benefits of the study. How Roger Kramer will benefit from an improved cash flow 3.Accounts receivable discussion. Details about the cycle, the process, the problems with the area 4.Explaining your findings so far on this subject

5.Request reports and a brief discussion of the numbers
Start of the meeting
Try to scan the room for pictures, hobbies, or any other related accessories that might provide you with a...
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