Delmon Bread Strategy

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Client: Delmon Bakery
Work: background study on bread industry
Consumer Behavior
Food is different as a product of consumption, making consumer behavior complex to understand and predict. To the experts, the sociology of food covers issues related to social, cultural, psychological, and political aspects of food production, distribution, and consumption. Culture plays a crucial role in determining food patterns of a country or region.

Fragmented Industry
Bakery industry in Bahrain as most places elsewhere, is basically a fragmented industry with a majority of manufacturers in the unorganized sector spread over the country.

Competitive scenario
The competition includes brands from local and international such as Al Dasmah ,eastern , korean , Jawad , lachoclate, bread talk and Almarai

Differentiated Product
The dissonance of a fragmented industry makes it difficult for manufacturers to make their presence felt. The differentiation of a brand rests primarily on creating a perception of superior quality and freshness in the minds of consumers through its innovative packaging strategy

Technological Imperatives
From the customers’ perspective, quality of bread could be more of a perceptual matter rather than having any firm technical basis. What the consumers expect is a bread of adequate volume, attractive shape and color.

Critical Factors
Price, Availability, Quality and Packaging could be considered as the four critical success factors in the bread industry in Bahrain

Price: The price of bread is a critical success factor as it as an item of daily consumption with frequent repeat purchase. Unit price is an important consideration for customers who can decide to buy bread at low, medium or premium price depending on their expectation of the quality of bread.

Availability: Availability of bread during morning and late afternoon hours on the store shelves is a critical success factor in the bread manufacturing industry as consumers...
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