Dell a Global Brand-Emprical Study

Topics: Brand management, Marketing, Chi-square distribution Pages: 7 (2134 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Dell, a global brand which is famous for its innovative technology, Mass customization, quality and its list goes on. To say Dell is a Global Brand and it has its own characters which made it stand distinctive. This paper concentrates on how Dell is positioned in the market. Positioning simply refers how the product is viewed by the public. Some unique features make the brand positioned for a long time all over the world. According to us Dell is successful in the market because of few good reasons like Technological innovativeness, Quality, Brand image, fast delivery rate, after sale services etc, which also captures a separate space for the same. Dell’s process of Mass Customization is also an exceptional trait for its grand triumph.

This paper includes the overview of the brand positioning strategies, Dell’s brand positioning strategy, mental map of Dell and a research on positioning of Dell as a universal brand. The research study consists of a primary data collection and arrival of results through statistical analysis. The statistical tools used here are Z test, Chi-square test, Analysis of Variance. INTRODUCTION

Dell Computers, a leading PC supplier all over the world. Dell’s idiosyncratic aspect is the process of Mass Customization through which Dell was able to maintain low inventory level, allowed customers to enhance their systems via new technologies. Actually Dell was the first PC supplier to provide the Pentium processor at early stages. It converted its operation process as Build-to-Order model which reduced their inventory level through just in time technology this supply chain mastery made Dell to move far beyond the simple pursuit of efficiency and asset productivity. Other than the unique trait of Mass Customization, Dell has its own catalog of characters. Positioning is at the heart of marketing strategy. It is the “act of designing company’s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s mind.” Good brand positioning helps to guide marketing strategy by clarifying what a brand is all about, how it is distinct and how it is similar to competitive brands, and why consumers should purchase and use it. So how is Dell positioned in the market, the qualities of Dell to position as a global brand are the core of this paper. According to a small reference with a Dell Showroom at Pollachi we noted down some reasons why Dell is purchased a lot and its fame in the market. The reasons given by that showroom people were the process of Mass Customization, Quality it offered, brand image throughout the world, Technological innovativeness, direct relationship with its customers etc. So these are the core values offered by Dell which make customers prefer buy this. With these as factors influencing the brand positioning of Dell we use some statistical tools like Z test, Chi-Square test, ANOVA to prove this. STATEMENT OF THE STUDY

This paper tries to find how far Dell is positioned as a Great brand. Dell is already a Global brand but here I’m trying prove the factors like technological innovativeness, quality, the direct customer service, Mass Customization are the reasons for its separate location in customers’ mind. The mental map in this paper shows some other reasons for its brand exclusivity.

To prove the above perspective we took the help of Statistical tools like Z test, Chi Square test, Analysis of Variance. POSITIONING STRATEGIES
The term positioning has two connotations, vertical and horizontal. The vertical connotation refers to the rank which the product holds in relative to its competitors. And the horizontal connotation refers to the qualities and attributes that the product proposes in relative to its competitors. Normally all the products concentrate on both vertical and horizontal positioning. A product can be positioned based on 2 main platforms: Consumer and Competitor. When...
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