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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Management, Motivation Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: February 7, 2011
As a US technology company,DELL is in the highly competitive PC industry. Its human resource management model has its own distinct cultural identity and competition oriented features. It is a cost and performance oriented. Management style which emphasizes staff .awareness of innovation,Ability to adapt and development potential. DELL has a human resource planning system,called OHRP (organization and human resource planning)。OHRP is used to select capable people. Then assign them to each market to training. For example,on 24 OCT 2005,DELL China CEO Biaobang Fu was demission。Then DELL declare that David Miller will be the CEO of DELL China。As the member of the OHRP,he submit that he want to work in a complex market but America。So that DELL directorate decide assign Miller to become the CEO of DELL China,before that Miller was the manager of Australia and New Zealand。 The recruitment of Dell has many forms,like from the internet,employee referrals,company web site and college recruiting。 Selection involves predicting which applicants will be successful if hired。Selection at DELL is very important. Usually they through application form,written tests and interviews to select employees。I think written tests and interviews is fit DELL,because manager cannot realized employee by the application form。 Employee training at DELL is a very important event,DELL cost millions at employee training every years。For employees they have interpersonal skill training(communication,conflict resolution,team building and customer service)。For manager DELL also have supervisory skill training,management skill training。 The Employee Performance Management of DELL often use graphic rating scales,this give rating to factors such as quantity and quality of work job knowledge,cooperation,loyalty,attendance,honesty and initiative。Graphic Rating Scales is often used the company which have much employee。It cost a few times。But cannot show employee’s work duties。 Career development of DELL is a...
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