Dell Marketing Strategy

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| Dell Co. Marketing Plan|
C.E.O Patrick Eversull
C.F.O. Anthony Chapman
C.O.O. Thomas Jackson
President of Tactics Stephen Miclette
C.E.O Patrick Eversull
C.F.O. Anthony Chapman
C.O.O. Thomas Jackson
President of Tactics Stephen Miclette

Executive Summary
For many years the Dell Corporation has been the fastest growing entity in the computer industry and is considered a pioneer in direct marketing. With the Pc industry being such a unique industry with its super fast product life cycles and having to keep up with continuous innovation, it is one of the most difficult industries to maintain a competitive edge. From the beginning Dell has been focused on customer service by understanding the customer’s needs and providing the most effective computing power to meet those needs. Even until this day Dell has held on to this viewpoint and they have gone from a dorm room based business to a multibillion dollar giant of the industry. The Dell Company we know today has maintained their competitive edge by using their easy to use customization interface along with maintaining relatively low costs by shipping directly from the supplier to the customer. Today Dell Company has seemed to be taking a step back from being such an aggressive competitor, to being just another company in the market. To regain our place at the top in the modern day Computer industry, we are very much looking forward to our many innovations and new products. Of these new innovations we will be opening up new retail stores at key locations that will also serve as sites to bring broken computers and desk tops to be repaired. We will also be branching the company into two separate directions Dell Home and Student, and Dell Professional to better serve these two markets with their vastly different needs and wants. With this separation the two departments will begin to work independently on several new product lines and software contracts so we can offer the customer anything they can want at the best price available. We hope that with these innovations we will be able to regain our competitive edge and bring our already exceptional customer service to a whole new level.

Executive Summary_____________________________________________________

Situational Analysis____________________________________________________

External anaylysis 2
Economic Environment7
Technological Environment_________________________________________________

Social-cultural Environment_________________________________________________

Political/legal Environment_________________________________________________

Competitive Analysis____________________________________________________

Industry Analysis____________________________________________________

Key Competitor Analysis____________________________________________________

Customer Analysis____________________________________________________

Internal analysis____________________________________________________

Brief History_____________________________________________________




SWOT analysis23
Marketing Strategy27
Financial Objectives30
Positioning Statement33
Marketing Implementation34
How will we do it?37
Controls and Contingencies40

TABLE OF Graphs/ Charts
Table 1 Demographics of Top 25 6
Picture 1 Market Share Attraction21
Table 2 SWOT Analysis23...
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