Dell Marketing Strategies

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Executive Summary
Dell is considered doing well in the market segmentation in order to avoid unnecessary loss. The management carry out analysis and report to find out which part or area can let them make the most profit. They position themselves as a strategic vendor, which is important in the business. From this, they have the competitive advantage in order to compete with other IT big business. Dell is also trying to sell affordable or more cheaper product to the customer. Apple is the top IT business in the world nowadays. As a result, Dell can not compete with them at the moment. Therefore, Dell’s product strategy is more focus on developing one specific product that can satisfy the customer. Dell also provides variety of services to maintain good relationship with old and loyal customer. Last but not least, Dell Company has a short product life cycle in where produce theirs products just in time. As well, it also wins the customer relationships and attracts customers and investors in the same time. Dell better supply chain management and direct sales strategy also helping Dell Company in gaining comparative advantages in the marketplace nowadays. Dell Company was able to address its problems associated with rapid growth and build itself into a tasting profitable company. Its smart marketing tactics are attracting customers in where all computers are customized to the customer needs. Therefore, Dell gained comparative advantages in the marketplace nowadays. Furthermore, Dell also participated in many health improvement programs to maintain.

Business Overview
In the year of 1984, Dell was founded by Michael Dell who actually is a freshman at University of Texas in Austin. Dell used his creative brain thinking out to bought parts wholesale and assembly them into a cheaper product to be sold to them who unwilling to pay higher price charged by computer stores by mail order. The success idea was then developed into his business, thus Dell companies was born. Dell was then change name into Dell Inc. In the early stage of Dell business, IBM is one of the biggest competitors in mail-order firm. Within the help of Tandy team, they soon raise their gross in a short period. In the late 1980s, the competition had become intense. They started to open their first subsidiary in U.K. Along the 1990s, Dell Inc. had pass through a tough time and it finally got opportunity for expansion of business. They continued its exponential growth till the late 1990s. During early of 2000s, there was a downturn in global PC but they still success to cross over it. The success of Dell Inc. is due to the scopes of the company which formulate by the company’s top management. All the employees of Dell have to developed the mission and objectives which listed by the company. The mission of Dell Inc. is to be the most successful computer company in the world. They achieve their mission with satisfying the customer needs of: •Highest quality

Leading technology
Competitive pricing
Individual and company accountability
Best-in-class service and support
Flexible customization capability
Superior corporate citizenship
Financial stability
Moreover, the Dell Inc. was maintaining the relationship with customer since early of 1990s. This is the major concern of Dell Inc. in order to compete with other competitors. The sales method of Dell Inc. also different from other, they has been practicing direct model since Michael Dell start his business. As a conclusion, Dell Inc. has been evolved from time to time in order to sustain its business by adapting the business to the environmental trend.

The 10 Key Marketing Successful Factors
Market Segmentation of Dell
The first marketing successful factor of Dell that we would like to talk about is market segmentation. Basically, it means dividing a market into smaller groups with distinct needs, characteristics, or behaviours that might require separate marketing strategies or mixed....
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