Dell Contingency Plan Case

Topics: Supply chain management, Logistics, Inventory Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: October 2, 2012
1. What was the cause of the 10 day supply chain blockout?
1. Labor lockout
2. Who alerted Dell to the possibility of a lockout? 
2. parts makers in Taiwan, China, and Malaysia, and its U.S.-based shipping partners 3. Who did Dells Logistics specialists work with in order to devise a contingency plan? 3. Dell's carrying and freight forwarding networks

4. What mode of transport was included the contingency plan? 4. Air, 18 747’s bidding on planes early keeping costs down 5. Water making sure dell freight went on last so it was first off when delivered 5. At the major harbors, who saw to it that Dells parts were last in, first out? 6. Dell specialists on the ground in every harbor (freight specialists) 6. 11 years ago, Dell maintained a sprawling network of warehouses. How about at the time of this article? 7. None

7. 11 years ago, Dell maintained 20-25 days of inventory. How about at the time of this article? 8. 2 hours in factory and 72 hours of inventory across entire operation 8. How does Dell take orders? 

9. Built to order online or over the phone
9. What is a cash conversion cycle and what is Dells? Who is financing the cost of Dells operations? 10. Time between an outlay of cash for parts and the collection of payment for goods 11. Suppliers finance the cost of dells operations

10. How does Dells inventory turn rate compare with its competition? 12. 107 times per year with dell compared to 8.5 and 17.5 times per year 11. Where are at least two of Dells manufacturing plants located? How about the competition? 13. Austin and Nashville.

14. All others have off shored
12. How close are Dells suppliers? 
15. No more than 90 minutes from the factory
13. How is Dell able to forecast so well?
16. Tracks purchasing patterns and budget cycles, predicts upgrade purchases of individual repeat consumers 14. What does Dell...
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