Dell's Marketing Strategy

Topics: Strategy, Strategic management, Business process management Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Dell’s marketing strategy

In the realm of enterprise IT, Dell is often viewed as having a singular strategy-build and sell products cheaper and more efficiently than competitors, and thereby grow both market share and revenue. While that deceptively simple plan lies at the heart of Dell’s approach for customers, its overall enterprise strategy, like its presence in the enterprise market, it maturing, growing stronger and becoming more complex with each passing year. Dell has crystallized its long-term strategy for business customers in a vision it calls the Scalable Enterprise, which has many similarities with the dynamic computing strategies of its competitors—IBM (On Demand), Hewlett-Packard (Adaptive Enterprise), and so forth. Scalable Enterprise is centered on Dell products, services and alliances—all of which are rooted in industry standards and cloaked in the famous Dell direct model. The company has been promoting and marketing this vision for only a few years, but it has quickly become a focal point for how Dell rationalizes its product and services roadmaps. And it intersects with Dell’s overall view that the industry will continue to leverage clusters of high-performance, industry-standard servers and operating environments, and move away from larger-scale, proprietary systems. More important, the Scalable Enterprise vision also gives Dell a method for speaking with customers about its overall value proposition, and how it can help customers migrate to the long-term dynamic computing vision. Dell’s Services employees, in particular professional services, play a critical role in evangelizing the value of the Scalable Enterprise and in engaging customers in discussions as to how to make the vision real in their IT environments. Dell has never aspired to grow its professional services business to rival those of IBM Global Services (IGS) or the global systems integrators (GSIs). However, the company does recognize that services are a linchpin for...
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