Delivery of a Human Service Program

Topics: Youth, High school, Childhood Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: September 4, 2012
The Delivery of a Human Service Program
Joann Harris
BSHS 471
September 2, 2012
Rachel Gridley

The Delivery of a Human Service Program
The delivery of a human service program is very important to so many people. In this paper, I will discuss delivery human service programs for children, youths and young adults. There are many children, youths and young adults that need help. There are many that come from trouble homes. These children, youths, and young adults are abused to broken homes. Some of these children, youths and young adults ends up as runaways, homeless, addicts to even turning to prostitution. Just as many other people, they do not know where to look for help or are embarrassed about their situation. Some are even scared to ask for help. They feel that they have no one that they can turn to. With human service programs, they give these children, youths, and young adults the help and most of all hope. Not only do human service programs help them and give the hope, but they try to give them a better future. They give them or try to give them positive encouragement. Some programs that are there for children, youths and young adults are from education, after school programs, heath care, counseling, shelter, and so much more. There are even support groups that they can attend. These support groups or programs are also for the family. In Philadelphia, they have a delivery program called The Integrated Youth Services Project, also known as IYSP. This program is for youths and it started in 2007. This program is for both children and youths. It is stated through the Children’s Budget as, “those that protect children and youth from exposure to harmful conditions or engagement in risky behaviors, and those that promote their healthy development.” (Philadelphia Children Budget, 2006). Some of these services or programs include out of school programs, at risk youth prevention programs, violence prevention, teen pregnancy prevention,...
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