Delirium First Third Report

Topics: Love, United States, Auburn hair Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Entry 1: Chapters 1-9
For our book club, we selected the book Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. I heard a lot of recommendations for this book, from my friends and Mrs. Watkins herself. This book is a story about love, and you need to know what love is in order to read this book. You also need to know the geography of the U.S. in order to understand where most of the story is taking place and where she is. The book takes place in America in the future, and love is considered a disease, and the cure is an operation of taking part of your brain out. Before the novel began, research must have found that love causes pain and is harmful, or that it is dangerous to the government. Before the novel began, the government has become bigger and stronger, and the government is really strict and powerful. This book cannot be utopia because the government forces them to do things. The people barely have a choice in their life. Their lives are almost completely planned out for them, and not being able to love is a horrible thing, so this book must be dystopia. There is boundary protection around the United States, so you cannot get in or out. This book was utopia, because she was happy, but a lot of things are forbidden, making it dystopia. The narrator of this book is Lena Tiddle Haloway. Lena is not ugly, but not pretty either. She is 5’2” and has brown hair. She also has eyes that are a muddle of green and brown. Both of her parents are dead, but I predict that her mom is still alive. Lena was born on September 3rd in Portland. Her mom, Annabel Haloway, died because of Amor Deliria Nervosa, she killed herself by jumping of a building when Lena was 6, and her father, Conrad Haloway, died from cancer. She is the narrator because her mom was actually killed from the disease, and Lena is imperfect and completely in-between. If the narrator were perfect, it would be harder to connect with the narrator, therefore making the experience of reading the book less realistic and enjoyable....
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