Delinquency Deterrence Response

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  • Published : August 13, 2011
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Teenagers are smarter than most adults give them credit. Teenagers are very sneaky and will commit crimes because they think or know they can get away with it. According to the Choice Theory, the threat of punishment does not deter juvenile delinquency. “Choice Theory holds that youths will engage in delinquent and criminal behavior after weighing the consequences and benefits of their actions; delinquent behavior is a rational choice made by a motivated offender who perceives that the chances of gain outweigh any possible punishment or loss” (Siegal & Welsh, 2005). Some experts believe that delinquent acts will not be committed if teenagers are punished severely.

Crime prevention strategies include general deterrence, specific deterrence, and situational crime prevention. General deterrence is crime control policies that depend on the fear of the criminal penalties such as long prison sentences for violent crimes; this strategy is to convince teenagers that the pain of the punishment outweighs the benefits of the criminal act. Specific deterrence is the strategy that if convicted offenders are sent to jail or prison, the punishment is severe enough to deter them from committing another crime once released. Situational crime prevention sis the strategy that relies on reducing the opportunity to commit criminal acts by making them more difficult to perform, reducing their reward, and increasing their risks” (Siegal & Welsh, 2005).

I believe the best methods for controlling juvenile crime is the general deterrence method and specific deterrence method. I believe that most kids fear punishment if the punishment is severe enough and therefore, will want to avoid delinquency or will avoid repeating the criminal act. The situational crime prevention method is a good strategy for trying to prevent crimes from happening by making delinquency more difficult and less rewarding. Ways to prevent is by hardening targets, using surveillance and making sure there are...
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