Topics: Baking, Butter, Cake Pages: 4 (1650 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Who believes advertisements when they say that their cookie is healthy? Most people want to believe in the ad, but still they know that a dessert is a dessert, and a dessert is not supposed to be healthy. Delicato is a Swedish company whose business idea is to sell high quality desserts to middle class people in Sweden. They are the biggest manufacturer of pastry among the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) and they have been in business over 60 years. The series of ads that is described and discussed in this paper is a series of ten different printed ads of different pastries. Delicato’s print ads use bright colors, playful typeface/font and delicious deserts to sell the lifestyle of high quality snacking. Though the series of advertisements all shows different deserts and plays on different health phrases, each ad effectively utilizes Aristotle’s three appeals: Logos, Ethos and Pathos, which represents Logic, ethics and emotion.

The advertise that I found most catchy uses the phrase “Don’t forget to balance your diet”; and then there is a picture of two different cakes, one in each end of a spoon, perfectly balanced up on a chocolate ball. Another example of their brilliant ads is a picture of two tasty pastries and the frosting-alike text saying “May contain trace of vitamins and minerals”. Green, blue, pink and purple are the colors they use as the wallpaper in the background of the picture. The wallpaper has got shadowed, modern patterns to not make it look to flat. In front of the bright wallpaper there is a black clean table with a white plate on it where the pastries are placed. In some of the advertisements they have chosen to put small crumbs from the pastry on the table, so that you can see that someone has been eating from it. They also play with the light in the picture. The focus is in the middle of the picture, where the pastry is placed, towards the corners of the picture it gets darker and darker. There is not a lot to...
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