Deliberative Dialogue Reflection

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Deliberative Dialogue Reflection
At first, I was a little scared taking this class since I have a stage fright and don’t have much experience talking in public. After my first speeches I started to get used to it. So in a way this class helped me overcome my fear of talking in public and I have become a little less nervous about it. This class helped me to start noticing the way I talk, move and sound during my presentations. This knowledge helped me improve myself for my later speeches. So when the turn for an Op Ed speech came I was surprisingly prepared for it and could use all my knowledge and experience in this class. This class also showed me a way how to find relative sources for the content of my speech. Advocacy speech is a little different from all the speeches I have given so far. There is a lot of research that needs to be done. And also we need to create a controversial map for the speech which is definitely a new experience for me and I think it will be a little challenging for me too. I believe I am prepared for it and can overcome this challenge and give my speech with much confidence. Since I am College of Business student in future I will have to present a lot in my other classes as well as in my future career. With knowledge and experience I gained in this class I will be prepared for my future job. There is always room for improvement and looking back right now at the presentations I have done, I wish now I would have been even more prepared for them. As I talked before my future career is connected with public speaking and deliberative dialogue is one of the most used forms of speech, especially in my field. This semester I became more familiar with it and I am sure I will apply this knowledge and experience in the future.
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