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DATED 09/01/2013
PRESS RELEASE                                                                  CENTRAL DISTRICT  
GANG OF INTERSTATE CHEATS INVOLVED IN INTERNET BANKING FRAUD BUSTED : FOUR ARRESTED With the arrest of (1) Ajay Kumar Mishra, aged about 45 years s/o Parmeshwar Mishra r/o WZ-823, Palam, Village, Delhi, permanent address Add:- VPO& PS- Jainagar, Madhubani (Bihar), (2) Binay Kumar, aged about 35 years s/o Harish Chand r/o A-166, Devali road, Khanpur, Delhi,      permanent address VPO- Kaitpwar, PS –Sakatpur, Darbhanga (Bihar), (3) Ravi Shankar Pandey, aged about 45 years r/o A-63, near Rama Public School, New Gopal Nagar Extn. Najafgarh, Delhi and (4) Jitender Kumar, aged about 40 years s/o S.R. Suman r/o 38/11, A Block, Amrit Vihar, Burari, Delhi, Central District has busted a cheating racket which had cheated several businessmen by cracking the passwords of their bank Accounts and subsequently transferring huge amounts through internet transactions and RTGS transfer in various Accounts and by subsequently withdrawing the amount from these accounts located in different parts of the country.

                                       On 03-01-13, one Sh. Ravi Gupta, owner of a Metal Firm having his office in the area of P.S. Pahar Ganj gave a complaint that Rs. fifteen lakhs have been transferred from his Account illegally through Electronic Transferring System.  On this, a case vide FIR No. 02/13 u/s 420 IPC was registered at P.S. Pahar Ganj and the investigation was taken up. TEAM

           A team comprising of Inspr. Suresh Kaushik, SHO/Pahar Ganj, SI Vinay Kumar, SI Dharmender Kumar, HC Satpal and Ct. Chand Ram was constituted under the supervision of Sh. Anil Kapoor, ACP/Pahar Ganj  /Central Districts to apprehend the culprits.

During the course of investigation, it was revealed that the money had been transferred from the account of the complainant to different Accounts of Delhi, Lucknow and Agra. It was further revealed that Rs. seven lakhs had already been withdrawn from ICICI Bank Green Park Branch where a total of Rs. ten lakhs were transferred.  Sources were deployed to apprehend the accused persons as  it was suspected that they would approach the bank to withdraw the remaining amount. On 04-01-2013, on the basis of secret information, accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra were apprehended by the police team from ICICI Bank Green Park Branch, Delhi when they were trying to withdraw the remaining amount cheated from the account of accused Jitender Kumar. 

 During the interrogation, it was revealed that the accused are the members of an interstate gang, who were operating in Delhi. The accused persons used to take instructions from their accomplices namely Ajay Mishra and Ravi Shanker Pandey. It was further revealed that accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra were assigned the task to arrange for operational Accounts of different persons in different Banks all over India from where money could be transferred and the same could be withdrawn immediately even before the victim came to know about the illegal transaction from his Account.

At the instance of accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra, accused Ajay Kumar and Ravi Shanker Pandey were apprehended by the police team from Dwarka and Najafgarh respectively.  Ajay Kumar and Ravi Shanker Pandey are the operational members of the gang. At the instance of accused Jitender Kumar and Binay Kumar Mishra, Rs. 30,000/- cash has been recovered and the Bank Account where cheated money more than Rs. four lakhs had been deposited has been frozen.

Further investigation / interrogation is in progress.


The members of the gang have thorough knowledge and understanding of Internet Banking.  They used to hack the computers of different companies having their current Accounts in Multi National Banks.  Once they used to get the user name and...
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