Dekada 70

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Juny P. VelezSeptember 14, 2012
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Dekada 70 is one of the best novel of Lualhati Bautista, one of the best writer in the Philippines and also an award winning writer for her purposeful writings, that talks about not only the life of people during the Marcos regime but also the role of each member in the family. We can say that this novel and the film of Chito S. Roño tell us the story of this decade in the 70′s in the form of facts, figures, opinionated articles, dates, and timelines. The direction of director Chito S. Roño has the family as a center of the effect of Martial Law. With a talented cast of convincing actors and actresses, their home would become to the viewer a microcosm of the country as a whole. In fact it is in the home of the Bartolome family where most of the movie actually takes place. And it is in this home viewers are taken for a brief ride through this tumultuous time in Philippine history.

The wife Amanda (Vilma Santos) and Julian (Christopher Deleon) belongs to a middle class couple with an ideological view, who must deal with raising their children, five boys – Jules (Piolo Pascual), Isagani (Carlos Agassi), Emmanuel (Marvin Agustin), Jason (Danilo Barrios) and Bingo (John Sace) in a way wherein passion, fear, unrest and social chaos will be seen. To accept the differences of the sibling’s ideologies and views will be the greatest mission of Julian, as a father faces the painful dissent of his children, to Amanda, a mother’s love will prove to be the most resonant in the unfolding of this family’s tale and to awaken her own needs, as she embarks on a journey of discovery to realize who she is as a wife, a mother, a woman and a Filipino.

My reaction in this film really concerns about Amanda for she is the most oppressed and the most affected among all the characters in the film. We can say that she’s domestic in nature because she’s just staying inside their homes and taking care of their children. The...
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