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I. Novelist
a. Full name
Lualhati Torres Bautista
b. Birth date
December 2, 1945
c. Present age
65 years old
d. Educational Background
Lualhati Bautista finished her high school at Torres High School year 1958. She took Journalism major at Lyceum of the Philippines but she did not finish it (drop out before she finish her first year). e. Profession

Lualhati Bautista is a novelist and a screen writer.
f. Work History
Lualhati Bautista is a novelist and she wrote the GAPO, Dekada ’70 and Bata, Bata… Pano Ka Ginawa? She also wrote two short stories, Tatlong Kuwento ng Buhay ni Juan Candelabra and Buwan, Buwan Hulugan mo Ako ng Sundang. She is also a screenwriter. These are the list of her works: (1) Sakada, (2) Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap, (3) Bulaklak sa City Jail, (4) Kadenang Bulaklak, (5) The Maricris Sioson Story, (6) Nena, (7) Bata, Bata… Pano Ka Ginawa?, and (8) Dekada ’70. Excerpts from Lualhati Bautista's novels have been anthologized in Tulikärpänen a book of short stories written by Filipino women published in Finland by The Finnish-Philippine Society (FPS), a non-governmental organization founded in 1988. Tulikärpänen was edited and translated by Riitta Vartti, et al. In Firefly: Writings by Various Authors, the English version of the Finnish collection, the excerpt from the Filipino novel Gapô was given the title "The Night in Olongapo" while the excerpt from Bata, Bata, Pa'no Ka Ginawa? was titled "Children's Party". g. Awards and Recognition

Her novels: GAPO, Dekada ’70 and Bata, Bata.. Pano Ka Ginawa won several Palanca Awards (1980, 1983 and 1984). Her short stories also won the Palanca Awards: Tatlong Kwento ng Buhay ni Juan Candelabra (First prize, 1982), and Buwan, Buwam Hulugan mo Ako ng Sundang (Third prize, 1983). Her second film “Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap”, 1976 was nominated for awards in the Film Academy of the Philippines. One of her best screenplays, also written the same year was Bulaklak ng City Jail has won almost all the awards for that year from various awards including Star Awards and Metro Manila Film Festival. She also became a national fellow for fiction of the University of the Philippines Creative Writing Center in 1986. Bautista also served as vice-president of the Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines and chair of the Kapisanan ng mga Manunulat ng Nobelang Popular. She was the only Filipino included in a book on foremost International Women Writers published in Japan in 1991. She was honored by the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings on March 10, 2004 during the 8th Annual Lecture on Vernacular Literature by Women. In 2005, the Feminist Centennial Film Festival presented her with a recognition award for her outstanding achievement in screenplay writing. She was a recipient of the Diwata Award for best writer by the 16th International Women’s Film Festival of UP Film Center. II. Criticisms of the Novel

It is a great movie. I’m not a fan of Filipino movies but this one got my attention. It has a great story. It shows what happened during the Martial Law. I never thought that it was so cruel. It inspired me a lot because the characters show how they fight for what they believe in. The film also showed that even women have the power to do what a man can do. It really has a story and each characters has their own stories. III. Definition of Terms

1. Reflexes
 Pertaining to an involuntary responseto a stimulus, the nerve impulse from a receptor beingtransmitted inward to a nerve center that in turn transmits itoutward to an effector. 2. Revolution
An overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement ofan established government or political system by the peoplegoverned. 3. Martial Law
The law temporarily imposed upon an area by state ornational military forces when civil authority has broken downor during wartime military operations. IV. Settings
It happened during the Martial Law.
V. Characters
Major Characters
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