Dekada '70

Topics: Family Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Reflection Paper on Dekada ‘70
Dekada ’70 is a film about the life of a Filipino family during the Martial Law. As one of the members of the family was involved in an organization fighting for democracy, the family’s situation is really in a riot. However, the queen of the family kept her composure beside the entire clamour. I don’t know how she managed the situation given that their family is composed mainly of boys having the nature to be rebellious and prideful. Amanda Bartolome, portrayed by Vilma Santos, is a mother of five (5) boys and a simple housewife. All these years she has been in her house caring for her children and husband. However, at some point of her life, she felt that she is already losing her identity. Maybe tired because of her daily routine, she realized that she also want to develop as a person. I greatly admired her decision to lower down her pride and just go with the decision of her husband to stay in the house for my mother is also the same as hers. Being a housewife is the noblest vocation for me. It is the most tiring yet fulfilling job as my Mom always tells us. However, I think that when the time that I will become a mother comes, I wouldn’t prefer to stay in the house. Pride is something innate in me. I think it is very unfair for me if I won’t be able to work. What is the purpose of studying if I wouldn’t be able to use my acquired knowledge in the near future? Even though we are living in a society governed by a patriarchal system, it doesn’t mean that women are weak just like others think. Though Amanda chose to be in the house, it doesn’t mean that she is weak and fragile. With the situation their family is facing, Amanda showed her courage by staying firm and strong for her family. She suffered from many heartbreaks like the rebellion of his son who went away from home to join an organization who fights the government, the loss of her other son, etc. Despite of all of these, she remained to be a caring mother for her sons,...
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