Deja Vu Informative Essay

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Experience Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Déjà vu
The mind is a wonderful thing – there is so much, which remains a mystery to this day. Science is able to describe strange phenomena, but cannot account for their origins. We all have some experience of familiar feelings, which comes to us occasionally, about what we say and do, what we know and see, what we listen and hear. When you walk into the house of a new friend, you realise something strange. The place looks familiar though you have not been there and the people look familiar though you have not seen them. You have been there before, but not exactly in person. A serious recollection makes you realise that it was in a dream, a dream that perfectly portrayed with every small detail the exact room you’re now standing in. Sounds familiar? This is an experience that is not as rare as most people think. For many, these arbitrary feelings of extreme familiarity, known as déjà vu, come through dreams that some say predict the future. These déjà vu feelings are all of the dreams that we have each night that we cannot remember. You feel as though you have already been there because you have, in your dreams. The things that dreams show may not be significant, just a random moment proposed to happen somewhere in the near or far future. There have also been accounts where the dreamer claims they saw a catastrophic event occur before the incident actually happened. The study conducted by Colorado State University psychologist; Anne M. shows that this unnatural phenomenon has become more and more popular with time. Multiple cases of this have come forward, all of them experiencing the same distinct feeling that déjà vu brings. Natalia from Brazil stated- “I was fast asleep and I was having a dream. A dream where all my neighboring huts were burning down, it was wild; everyone was screaming for help and running around deranged. I was choking in my dream, I was struggling to breathe, I felt like it was happening for real but I couldn’t find myself waking up from...
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