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Topics: Harrison Bergeron, Dystopia, Fahrenheit 451 Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Eng I Honors # 3
Fahrenheit 451 Double Entry Journals

Lights flicked on and house doors opened all down the street, to watch the carnival set up. pg) 113.

She shoved the valise in the waiting beetle, climbed in, and sat mumbling… pg) 114.
Vocabulary: Valise: A small traveling case. Before hand I had a small inkling of knowledge of what valise was and from context it was safe to assume what the word meant, but I wanted to make sure that the word didn’t have a double meaning as it was written. He stood and had only one leg…When he put his weight on it, a shower of silver needles gushed up the calf and went off at the knee. Pg) 121

Connections: Text to Self: This piece reminded me of my own life when I sit down to long and the circulation halts on its way to my legs. After I stand up I feel as though I have no leg, but keep having phantom pain as though someone is stabbing me ever so gently with millions of little needles.

A shotgun blast went off in his leg every time he put it down… Pg) 121

Connections: Text to Text: This fragment reminded me of the story Harrison Bergeron. In Harrison Bergeron the over intelligent people have to wear ear transmitters that make sounds when they think intelligent things. At multiple points in the story George Bergeron hears gunshots from his transmitter and the similarities caught my eye. Now, sucking all the night into his mouth and blowing it out pale, with all the blackness left heavily inside himself… Pg) 123

Figurative Language: In this sentence I believe the author is trying to illustrate how dark it is out and add a sense of foreboding to the already very dreary scene. I think the heaviness Montag feels in this scene could be perhaps his guilt or his new purpose depending on the negative or positive reality you wished to portray. It seemed like a boat less river frozen there in the raw light of the high arc lamps; you could drown trying to cross it, he felt; it was too wide, it...
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