Deities Worksheet

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Deities and Lesser Spirits Worksheet

Choose one myth from each of the following myth categories: the Supreme Being, the Great Mother, the dying god, and the trickster. Answer the following questions:

Supreme Being Myth

|Myth: |Religion or culture of origin: Muslim | |Allah | |

What are the characteristics of the Supreme Being?
Allah is all powerful, unseen by anyone. Allah is the light of heavens and Earth. He is eternal and there is no one like him.

How did the Supreme Being create humanity?
Allah created Adam and Eve who marked the beginning of the human race.

Great Mother Myth

|Myth: |Religion or culture of origin: Greek | |Gaia | |

What are the characteristics of the Great Mother?
The Great Mother is the source of life. Out of her body came the necessary nourishment and she has the ability to give birth to things that already seemed dead.

How did the Great Mother protect or look after humanity?
The Great mother provides nourishment for humanity. She was the guardian of the dead and the agent of birth and rebirth.

Dying God Myth

|Myth: |Religion or culture of origin: Egyptian | |Osiris | |

How did the god die?
Osiris’ brother Set closed him in a coffer, soldered it with molten lead and threw the coffer into the Nile.

How did the god come back to life?
Osiris’ wife/sister and her...
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