Deion Sanders Biography

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Deion Sanders
1. “Primetime” Deion Sanders struggled as a child witch drove him to be the Hall Of Fame Athlete he is today! A. Waiting in a high chair at the age of seven Deion Made a promise to himself and his mother while she slaved over a hot stove after working three Jobs. That one day she wouldn’t have to work again. 1. Getting rich the legal way.

2. Football, Basketball and Baseball
A. College
C. Hall of Fame

1. Florida State
a. Two time all American cornerback and won the Jim Thorpe award. b. Was drafted out of college as an outfielder, also ran the 4x100 relay. 2. Professional Career
a. Rated #34 all time football player, 8 pro bowls, 8 all pro and 2 superbowls. b. Debute May 31, 1989 for the New York Yankees and last appearance June 14, 2001 for the Cincinnati Reds 3. Hall Of Fame

a. On February 5, 2011 Sanders was announced as a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee in his first year of eligibility. b. On May 17, 2011, Sanders was announced as a College Football Hall of Fame inductee. Conclusion

a. During his 14-year NFL career, Sanders was a perennial All-Pro and one of the most feared pass defenders to ever play the game.

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