Dehumanizing Children

Topics: Stolen Generations, Education, Indigenous Australians Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Dehumanizing Children
Columbia Collage
Peter Copple
Youth, Crime and the law – Crim 155
February 7, 2013

To help clarify the understanding of the Residential Schools and The movie the “Rabbit proof fence” and the effects of social and legal environments while the Juvenile Delinquent Act was happening, seen as to be an influencing factor within the youth justice system. You need to compare and contrast between how the aboriginals were being treated in Australia and how the Aboriginal students were being treated in Canadian Residential schools. In both environments the children were being treated like animals with no rights or freedom of speech, had their religion and culture taken away and were taken away from their normal environments weather they wanted to go or not. As the JDA and Mr.Neville thought was the best solution for the “gutter kids.” As some people thought that was the way of “saving” these children, it was not in any witch way a good thing.

In the movie – Rabbit proof fence the 3 girls, Molly, Daisy and Gracie were taken away from their mothers on the reserve, with only seconds to say their goodbyes. Where they were sent to the Moore River Native Settlement where they were not aloud to speech in their own language, weren’t aloud to talk much, had to dress to fit the standards of the “British Upper Class”, slept on cots and were forced to pee in a bucket in the corner of the room. They were also being imposed to learn the ways of the “white people” and adapt to the Christian religion and beliefs. The children were not enjoying how they were being treated and were planning any possible ways to get out of there and not be caught. “If only they would understand what we are trying to do for them” (A.O. Neville) Mr.Neville thought that what he was doing was the best possible solution for these kids and had the right to remove any child from their family if he thought they were not being raised the correct way.

Canadian residential...
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