Dehumanized Women

Topics: Women's suffrage, World War II, African American Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: April 30, 2013
On A Voiceless Road to Dehumanization

Growing up, we as humans were taught by the law that everyone has the right to freedom of speech and deserves to be treated equally throughout society. However, in today’s society, we are forced with a huge gap of gender inequality which are affecting the world and its women leaving them little or no voice at all.If we continue to live in a society that continues to dehumanize women, soon or later women would be completely dehumanized and not value to society at all. Let me further explain my reasoning’s. To start off with, Since the Civil War black women had endured the pain of segregation, the terror of white violence, the weight of discrimination in employment and education and the demoralization of verbal abuse. They had also felt the urge to liberate themselves from economic, political and social oppression just as deeply as black men and perhaps at times more deeply. Yet during the civil rights era most organizations relegated women to positions behind the scenes shadowing the men on the front lines. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, 26 states had laws prohibiting the employment of married women. The sentiment behind the laws was that a married woman – who presumably had a husband to take care of her – should not "steal" a job from a man. It was acceptable for single women to find jobs, but usually these were lower-paying jobs that were typically considered "women’s work" – thus white women worked as salesgirls, beauticians, schoolteachers, secretaries, and nurses. The job market for African American women was even more restricted, with most black women who worked serving as maids, cooks, or laundresses. World War II dramatically changed all of this. With thousands of American men leaving civilian jobs to enter the service every week(16 million men served in the armed forces during the war), and with factories working around the clock to provide the supplies that Americans and their allies need...
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