Degradation of the American Dream

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Degradation of the American Dream
The United States of America is a country in which success and happiness are its primary ideals that it was built around. It offers its inhabitants an opportunity to pursue and achieve success through hard work, effort, and dedication, people call this the American dream. However, the American dream is being degraded. The reason is because of the American people who the country swore to protect and support abuse the system's help for their personal wants. The American dream can be preserved if the relationship between the government and the people became mutual. The relationship of aiding one another in which not only one benefits, but both benefit from each other. In order for the American people to achieve success and consummate their American dream, they must not only receive help, but also give back help as well. If the American people abuse the rights given to them by this country, abuse the inadequately regulated aid, and lack of wanting to pursue success can devastate the American dream and leave it in turmoil. Certain powers given to the American people like the power to vote given to the teenagers at the age of 18 can discredit the American dream. Voting can affect the American dream because electing the wrong candidates would have many consequential problems. For example, a candidate who believes that more funding for other fields than in education is the necessary adjustment then it can lead to less people having a college education and progressing towards being successful. The American dream primary objectives are success and happiness, if success is believed to be directly related to happiness, then people not being successful can deprive their American dream. Voting has been a concern before; in 1971 when the 26th amendment was ratified in which the voting age was decreased from 21 to 18 because it was said that if old enough to go to war, then they are old enough to vote. The Independent magazine asserts that...
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