Degenerate Art

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Degenerate Art:
Art in Post WWI Germany

Alex Shin
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February 25, 2013
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Degenerate Art: Art in Post WWI Germany
Paintings, photographs, music, movies, and writing: what unites these together? Not only do they each hold their own specific art category, but they are all various forms of communication. Although many of the items noted are not direct forms of an exchange like speech, they still have the ability to convey a powerful message with ease. Hitler, who was known to be a master at speaking, quickly understood how important paintings and other forms of art could have influenced the general population. Noticing the threat to his reign as chancellor, he quickly went around his homeland and did his best to disturb the image of an already controversial art. He achieved this through the gathering of paintings from all over the country and either crudely displayed them, selling them, or simply destroying them. Blinded by his own prejudice of what art should appear and convey, he only accepted art that was before the impressionist period. In the eyes of the great Fuhrer this was the only proper art. This essay will show how the Nazi party in post World War One dealt with art that did not fit their political agenda. Figure 1. Painting made by Hitler. (Google)

Art Styles
In the early 1930s Hitler, who now headed the Nazi party in Germany, was in a position to force his specific tastes in art on the public. As an artist himself he favored art styles from the neoclassical, romanticist, and realistic periods, which tended to be very humanistic and defined. His art preferences could have easily influenced his beliefs in the Aryan race. The Aryan people could only lay its eyes upon art that would exemplify a perfect people. The art that Hitler relentlessly persecuted was distinctively different. The styles of art he did not appreciate are known collectively as modern art. These styles (impressionism, fauvism,...
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