Deforistation Letter

Topics: Rainforest, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil Pages: 3 (572 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Dear President of Brazil
I am writing to inform you of how worries i am about the rainforest. It is getting cut down at a rate which the rainforests hasn’t got enough time to grow back. This means they are going to be totally gone in future time.

This is being cause by the following...
.Tree loggers
.illegal tree loggers
.Tourism and cultural interests

Rates of deforestation

What do the miners want?

South America is rich in natural resources and mining and minerals make up a large part of the region's economy. Mining in the Amazon Rainforest has become more prevalent in the last two decades as mountain mineral deposits in the region have depleted. The Amazon holds vast mineral deposits and South American leaders, eager to set their countries on the path of development, have granted mining rights to thousands of acres of rainforest.

What do the loggers want?

All the loggers want is some wood to make some money while not caring about the forest. They also want to clear the land for building purpose’s.

What do the farmers want?

The farmers want some land of their own which they can put their animals on so they can make some money to by themselves a proper home.

How do the native tribes feel?

Natives have lived in the rainforest for about 12,000 years. They hunt, fish, and grow crops on small plots of land they clear.(practice sustainable farming) When a field is no longer fertile, they clear a new one and leave the old one to be covered by the forest. The tribes are using up the resources that their land has and creating the problems of soil erosion and leaching. Their lands are ending up bare and they will not have the means to support their community if the rate of deforestation continues.

What do Natives want?

• To own their own land. They want the government to take make them the legal owners of their homelands so they can live where they belong, on their own land. • To use its resources...
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