Deforestation Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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According to CBBC Newsround, it is estimated that seven and a half million acres of rainforests are being cut down each year. If everyone started planting trees, we could end deforestation. There are many causes of it, impacts, and alternatives to deforestation. First of all, there are a lot of causes of deforestation. According to the World Wildlife Fund, illegal logging plays a key role in it. When illegal logging happens it depresses the price of timber worldwide, which disadvantages companies that abide by the law. When farmers need more land for cattle ranching or soya fields, they usually just chop down more trees to get more acres for fields or pastures. Another cause of deforestation is hydroelectric dams. According to How Stuff Works, the workers building these dams flood acres of land, which causes decomposition and release of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, deforestation impacts the Earth in a lot of ways. It causes soil erosion; it reduces biodiversity, and global warming. According to World Wildlife Fund, agricultural plants that often replace the trees cannot hold onto the soil, and as fertile soil washes away, the farmers move on and clear more land. The soil becomes less fertile, and the unprotected area gets dried up and becomes compacted. When people destroy forests, it disrupts animals and people’s lives causing them to find new homes. Deforestation can also cause global warming. When people cut down trees, more carbon dioxide is in the air; more carbon dioxide increases greenhouse gases, and leads to global warming. However, there are also many alternatives to cutting down millions and billions of trees each year. Businesses can ban the sales of valuable wood. People can use non-timber products, such as rubber or Brazilian nuts. Farmers can use a mixture of different crops and trees. According to CBBC Newsround, the variety helps prevent insect damage and soil erosion; it helps maintain soil fertility. Lastly, there are many causes of...
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