Deforestation: Carbon Dioxide and Fuel Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Agriculture, Carbon dioxide Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: May 30, 2013
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Although some people think that the destruction of the world’s forests is necessary as our need for land and food grows, it effects harmful on people’s health and threatens the life of creatures in our planet. There are some reasons for saving forests, such as extinction of animal species, climate change and soil erosion First of all, deforestation leads to destructions of natural habitats and extinction of animal species. Forests contain more than half our species on the earth. All species depend on forests for food shelter and survival. Current statistics show that as many as 100 species become extinct every day with a large portion being attributed to deforestation. This unnatural extinction of species endangers the world's food supply, threatens many human resources and has profound implications for biological diversity. Secondly, deforestation has negative effect on world's climate. Trees play an important role in sucking up greenhouse gases (such as well-known carbon dioxide – CO2) that fuel Global Warming. Global warming is the rapid increase of Earths average temperature of the atmosphere. Global warming causes different problems like alteration in the sea level or deglaciation, which change world’s climate and threaten people’s life. At last, process of cutting of forests promotes soil erosion. Soil erosion is process when the soil is blown away by the wind or washed away by the rain. As the land became increasingly degraded and thus less productive, subsistence farmers were forced to further overuse the land. The intensive agriculture and overgrazing that followed caused greater degradation. A reduced ability to produce, invest one's profit and increase productivity, contributes to increasing poverty, and can lead to desertification, drought, floods, and famine.
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