Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Deforestation Pages: 7 (2500 words) Published: May 16, 2013
ASSIGNMENT 03 (the portfolio) .

This assignment contains 2 parts; The first part contains a detailed explanation of a specific environmental problem which in this case is deforestation explored though the areas interconnectedness with Biodiversity and Conservation Biology as well as the area of Soil and Agriculture. Furthermore the first part contains a relevant environmental awareness and responsibility plan. The second part contains my own “Statement of Environmental Awareness and Responsibility”

DEFORESTATION – a challenge to sustainable environment on Earth By Eric Notulu Mubuka
Deforestation is commonly defined as: “the cutting down of trees on a large scale turning forests into non forests”. There a many reasons for deforestation but the most common are farming, source of fuel and urban use. The term deforestation is often misused to describe any activity that involves the cutting down of trees; however in temperate climate the removal of all trees in the area is termed as or more correctly described as regeneration harvest. It is both a natural and human induced land scape change. The world’s forests and native grasslands are vital to human life and planets ecological well-being, in addition to providing material for housing, paper and fuel, forests serve as carbon dioxide sinks, forests trap most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and release oxygen for aerobic life, all aerobes benefit from that forests are recreation areas and habitat for countless species of birds other animals and plants. Our economic prosperity and our psychological health, as well as the biodiversity of the planet rest on the preservation, good management sustainability of the earth’s woodland. Deforestation occurs for many reasons. Trees are cut down used as source of energy (charcoal), sold as timber, while cleared land is used as pasture for livestock, for subsistence and commercial farming and settlements. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity.” no other economic and geographical factor has so profoundly affected the development of the country as the forms the background of our early history enters into the everyday life of every citizen.-Raphel Zon,”The vanishing Heritage.”(Environment an interdisciplinary anthology, 2008). Agriculture and industry pose the biggest threat to rainforests, approximately 800 square kilometers of rainforests are burned daily for these uses more than half of the world’s rain forests have been cut down in the past 50 years nearly 20 % of the Amazon has been slashed and burned the Amazon being such a complex ecosystem, it is said to be lost forever has it has taken billions to form in the first place. It is thought that approximately 50% species per day are becoming extinct due to deforestation. This has led to dramatic decrease in vegetation in the Amazon basin, which obviously has the consequence of reducing the planets carrying capacity of carbon dioxide as well as reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere; furthermore this contributes to climate change as there are less photosynthetic reactions taking place to convert CO2 to oxygen. Not only is the reduction of tropical rain forest contributing to climate change, but the actual “slush and burn” techniques used by farmers releases dangerously large amounts of carbon dioxide, through the combustion of fossil fuels and the burning of the forest itself.

Between august 2007 and July 2008 an area of 37000 square kilometers of the amazon was lost through deforestation either by burning or logging. However the burning is less preferred to logging, the technique of logging is detrimental to the environment this method results in the damage of almost twice the volume of trees being harvested, not only by increasing CO2 levels also by increasing susceptibility to fire. This is done by the degradation of the rain forest...
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