Definitions of Tourism

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Definitions of tourism
The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people "traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes". All this environmental changes will affect the individual who travels but also the host. If we look to the definition of Jafari we will see that the focus on individual and industry will be affected directly. The industry will be affected by the rise and quick development. Tourist and host have a equal contribution to these changes. To make these changes it involves people. For example a higher number of travelers will raise the industry very fast and make the changes also much faster. Recognize the demand supply to meet that demand and that the impact that comes from both it also acknowledged the idea of flow from the origin destination to the final “new” destination. Jafari is not giving any attention in his definition for the motives or purpose and usual habitat. He just avoids the subject itself leaving a gap from his definition to Pearce definition. Pearce gives the details about the purpose of the travelers. He can see a potential traveler with two main consequences on the industry, one is for business and one for holiday. Pears also includes in his modern definition the promotion and planning of the trip Jafari also providing services to the customers. Pearce and Jafari see a potential impact between the elements of the definitions. Pearce impact are not clarified by him, Jafari see the impact on the host’s social-cultural, economic and physical environments. The impact can be positive or negative in both cases of the definitions depending on the actions of the tourism subjects. From another perspective, tourism is defined by Jafari as a dynamic, evolving, customer-driven force. It is a science and a business, attracting and transporting visitors,...
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