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Topics: Jealousy, Interpersonal relationship, Envy Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Layla Morin
English 1301- Section 4
1 October 2012
Jealousy Rough Draft
The word jealousy stems from both the French word jalousie and the Greek word zelos. The French term of jealousy carried a negative feeling while the Greek term carried more of a positive sense. Jealousy’s definition stands as an emotion that typically comes from insecurity, fear, and anxiety over a predictable loss of something that a person values. Through characteristics, concrete examples, and results jealousy portrays as an emotion one feels when one’s desires cannot be obtained.

Two primary characteristics of jealousy consist of insecurity and envy over one’s desires. Insecurity happens when one lacks self-confidence. Fear and doubts arise whenever self-confidence is heading downhill. Other peoples appearance may bring down one’s self confidence and mold them to be insecure. Envy and jealousy possess a very similar definition but not quite the same. Envy takes place because one wants something that is not in their possession. Usually it is other people’s belongings that one desires. Insecurity and envy characterize jealousy precisely as one’s desires that cannot be reached.

Furthermore, jealousy in relationships holds many examples of which one’s yearning cannot be achieved. Jealousy is common in a romantic relationship. Usually one or both partners experience jealousy in some point of their relationship. One of the main causes of jealousy in a romantic relationship is when a one partner gives excess attention to another person than to one itself. The attention toward the other person does not have romantic for the partner to develop jealousy. Another reason jealousy arises in a romantic relationship is if one partner spends a mass amount of time with someone else. Usually if a partner in a relationship spends time with a person of the opposite sex the other partner builds insecurity which leads to jealousy. Jealousy is quite certain if the other person flaunts attractive...
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