Definition of a Mother

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  • Published: October 24, 2009
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My Definition of a Mother

The Oxford Dictionary defines a mother as 1. female parent

2. give birth to; be the mother or origin of 3. protect as a mother. I

would have to partially agree, because I believe that a mother is so

much more. It doesn’t take a lot to be a mother; but it takes a lot to

be a mommy, is something I have said ever since I was approximately

ten years old.

My mother left my two brothers and me when I was five years

old. My brother Joe was almost four, and Zach was almost two. My

dad was a long haul truck driver. Therefore, my Grandma took care of

us when he was gone. Throughout life my mother would come visit us,

but visits were few and far between.

Instead, my Grandma was my mother figure. Through-out life

she and I were the two women sitting at the corner table in a

resturant eating after a long day of shopping. She is the one that I

looked up to and asked for advice in different situations as they arise

in life. She would always give me the most honest and loving advice

any mommy would give their child. I remember when I was in grade

school during mother-daughter dances and different things mothers

and daughters would do, Grandma was always there. Kids would look

at me real funny because when Grandparents Day would come, she

would be there also. That’s when I developed the opinion, it doesn’t

take a lot to ba a mother; but it takes a lot to be a mommy.

I would definitely have to say that I am truly blessed by the

relationship that she and I have. It is a very loving and honest

relationship. She is always there for me. As a mom myself I know

that I could never just walk out on my child. A mother loves their

child/ children unconditionally. Always putting their childs needs before

their own. My Grandma had seven children of her own, and on top of

that she made the ultimate sacrifice of raising me too. I always thank

God that she...
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