Definition of Thesis Parts

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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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Project Proposal - A project proposal is written, to make an offer and to try to convince a supervisor or a future customer to accept it. In a project proposal you state that, in exchange for time and/or money, you will give them something that they want (an analysis of a procedure, for example), make something they desire (a prototype of a new product), or do something they wish to have done (redesign an existing structure). Approval letter - An approval letter can be written for a number of reasons. Some common uses for an approval letter are to give permission at work (vacation, expenditure, sick leave); to approve or endorse a building project; or, to approve finances or a loan. Progress report - A report of work accomplished during a specified time period. Chapter 1(The Problem and its background)

Introduction - The opening of an essay or speech, which typically identifies the topic, arouses interest, and prepares the audience for the development of the thesis. Statement of the problem - A problem statement describes the research problem and identifies potential causes or solutions. A problem statement also conveys the reason the problem is important and who is affected by the problem. Significance of the study – is the need for the study and its possible application and utilization. * Technological significance –

* Educational significance –
* Economical significance –
Historical Background –
Scope and delimitations - are what your study is going to tackle and what your study is only going to tackle. It tells the range of your study. Conceptual Framework - is used in research to outline possible courses of action or to present a preferred approach to an idea or thought. Definition of Terms –

Chapter II (Review of related literature and studies)
Foreign Literature -
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