Definition of Sacrifice

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“This I Believe”
Sacrifice is giving up something valued for the sake of something or someone else. Everyday around the world sacrifices are made for another human beings, education, idea, and beliefs. Sacrifice is not something you gain but something you surrender. For example, I’m very passionate about sports; I’ve been playing them since the age of 5. My junior year of high school I was forced to sacrifice my passion for my education. I was at risk of not graduation high school unless I took adult school to make up 30 credits. Has much as I cried and tried to come up with alterative ideas that did not include sacrificing what I loved, I still had to keep in mind that my education is far more important than any after school sports activities. I understand that my sacrifice may not be considered one to others, but it felt as if I were jumping in front of a bullet in order to save one’s life. Somebody who sacrifices is willing to resign one thing for another. Another example is my life. I was giving the opportunity to live for the sake of my mother willing to surrender her life. My mothers had difficulties having children, but still choose to bring my sibling and I into this world so we can live a better life then she has. I’m thankful that we both we able to live but always thank her for making the decision she did. I believe there is several ways a human being can surrender one self’s whether it be building the future or giving up a part of themselves in order to protect others form experiences they’ve been through.
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