Definition of Peace

Topics: Peace, Treaty of Versailles, Nobel Peace Prize Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: February 28, 2013
O. Ortiz
Dr. Lall
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February -, 2013
The Definitions of Peace
What exactly does the term peace mean? There is no solid answer because everyone has a different response, so let me define them. The word peace can be referred to many definitions and images when we think of the word. For example, we think of the peace symbol, the hand gesture (index and middle finger), and hippies. Peace, in my opinion, means to not cause trouble, because of disagreements, cessation of hatred or disturbance, and the mindset of tranquility.

One definition for peace is that it is a way to end war or conflicts. The majority of most wars end with a peace treaty, a document to end the war but with some agreements. The Treaty of Versailles is a great example for this type of definition for peace, because it ended World War I in 1919. The nations that were involved with the signing of the peace treaty, at the Paris Peace Conference, were between the Allied Powers (United States of America, United Kingdom, and France) and Germany. The treaty established a set of terms in four different sections: territorial, military, finance, and general. According to a website article, Germany had to give land back to France, Belgium, Denmark, and Poland. I remembered covering in history class that Germany’s military was reduced to 100,000 soldiers, few battleships, no tanks, and no air force. They also had to pay reparations for all the war damages, and take full responsibility for commencing the war. According to a website article, the western part of Germany was to become a “buffer” (demilitarized) zone, because France is a neighbor country to Germany, and was also prohibited to unite with Austria. The last term of the treaty was to set up a League of Nations in order maintain world peace. Secondly, the term peace also refers to the mindset of being tranquil. Yoga for example, helps the individual reduce stress and become tranquil. Yoga is, a method adopted from Asia, to help the...
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