Definition of Originality

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Indian cuisine, Human rights Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Thao Nguyen
English 1020-027: Core Composition I (11:00am-12:15pm)
Ms. Andrea Jones
Third draft for unit one paper assignment: Definition of ORIGINALITY. Originality is a new idea? No!
In 2004, after reading the script of a Bryony Lavery’s Frozen, psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis was shock because every details in this play were similar to what she used to write in “Guilty by Reason of Insanity” in 1998. A chart of fifteen pages long was made up with the totaling of six hundred and seventy-five words are verbatim similarities. She thought that her life, her work was plagiarized by Lavery. Then she wanted to sue Frozen’s author. However, in “The New Yorker”, Gladwell disagreed with Lewis since Lavery just borrowed some interesting details from her then add ideas, works, etc. You might find many mistakes like this in life. People sue each other when their copyright is breached with a vague understanding about originality. However, the result they get is nothing. So what is the good way to avoid wasting our money and our time? A correct definition of originality is the answer. No one is the real creator. Originality is made by relying on other earlier acceptable facts; in other words, combining ideas and explanations about them are the main characteristics of originality.

A suit was happened between McDonald’s and a food store in Malaysia. McDonald’s sued this store’s owner because he used Mc for his store’s name: McCurry. In the end, McDonald’s lose in this suit due to two reasons. One is that McDonald’s main products are hamburgers while McCurry sells the traditional Indian food; they are completely different so consumers wouldn’t have any mistake in order to distinguish these two stores. Two is that Mc in McCurry means “Malaysia chicken”; McDonald’s can’t make monopoly of the word “Mc”. The Malaysia food store’s owner combined Mc with Curry to make a new meaning that his store serves Malaysian chicken curry in Indian style with the fast way. Then...
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