Definition of Man

Topics: Morality, Human, Religion Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: September 28, 2009
Definition of Man

Man- a being in search of meaning, is how man is defined in Plato’s words. When we hear the word man, we automatically draw a picture of a human in our head. But what really does the term man mean? The simple answer to that question would be: a male human or man is a rational animal.

Man is someone who has feelings, is capable of thinking and can reason. According to an article from New Advent, man comes a German root (mann, mensch) which means to think. The general definition gives us the liberty to interpret the term in different ways. Whether one chooses to think of man as a human or as an animal is up to each individual. I personally think man is an animal with greater capabilities than most. Man is an animal that can think and act as a situation suggests. The term man can be divided in to different sections. There are the good and the evil, the knowledgeable and the ignorant. As different religions suggest, the good will have a prosperous afterlife, while the evil will suffer for eternity. The way society sees it is the knowledgeable as smart and the ignorant as dumb, this isn’t necessarily true.

A good man can be one that is always honest or that always does what is morally correct, or someone who is hard working and determined. These types of actions are rewarded by God, as the Catholic religion indicates, by letting you enter heaven in the long term, but in the short term by helping you out in other aspects of your life where it might be needed. Not everyone believes this though. You may believe in karma and always do well onto others so you will receive the same in return. Not only is a good man seen in a religious way but also in our everyday lives. In contrast to an evil man, a good man usually gets what he proposed himself.

An evil man, depending on ones interpretation of evil, can be the opposite of a good man or just slightly different from it. It can be an assassin, a thief, a liar, or anything that your religion or...
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