Definition of Involvement

Topics: Motivation, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: July 24, 2013
When discussed about consumer participation in the commercial act, the relationship between 'Flow' , 'Situational involvement' and 'Enduring involvement' is often mentioned. Flow is one of the most suitable and ideal experience (Adam, 2009), according to the theory of motivation mentioned that 'flow' is a kind of appropriate state of mind with pleasant when a person feels that things are under control, or I am proficient in something. Thereby, they can feel happy and to enjoy this scene of satisfaction (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990). Study shows enduring involvement will lead to intrinsic motivation, situational involvement triggered extrinsic motivation (Laurent & Kapferer, 1985; Richins & Bloch, 1986). According to studies, flow and situational involvement will lead to concentration of attention with stimulating to some certain and limited areas, And then they will invest time on an interest in something. When consumers' attention is not focus on these things any more, they will be tired about it then transform their favor of investment to another more attractive and challenging activity. such behaviors are usually got explicit purpose. Flow and enduring involvement will lead to happy and positive emotions and to met the scene of satisfaction during consumption process. Most of the time, when consumers fall into the enduring involvement mode in a process, they are pursuit of entertainment or leisure purposes. Based on the literature of past, intrinsic motivation is frequently applied to explore in the field of participate behavior, including shopping, social network and gambling. The research results show that the intrinsic motivation will affect buying behavior through the joy they have in the process of consumption. We speculate that young consumers who buy hi-fi products is also influenced by the intrinsic motivation. So we chose to intrinsic motivation as variables element of the research. Based on questions designed, whether enduring involvement will...
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