Definition of Innovation and Creativity

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Definitions Paper

Definitions of innovation, design and creativity vary from person to person. Some think they mean the same thing, some think creativity comes before innovation and some think creativity comes after. It is thought to be that creativity and innovation are interchangeable. Nonetheless, creativity and innovation do have fundamental differences. These differences will be outlined in this paper along with the definition of innovation, design and creativity. Webster’s dictionary defines innovation as to introduce something new, make changes. Innovation is taking a working product or process and adding something new to it. When a change is made to a process to make it work better or fulfills a different need it is innovating on what already exists. Creativity on the other hand is when you cause something to come into being. Creativity is relating a concept to a particular body of knowledge. The existing body of knowledge is as vital as the novel idea and really creative people spend years and years acquiring and refining their knowledge base – be it music, mathematics, arts, sculpture or design (Stamm, 2003). Innovation and creativity are interchangeable and are most often based on intuition. Creativity is not something that is ordered but it relies on intrinsic motivation, on people being enthusiastic, inspired and knowledgeable (Stamm, 2003). Design is the conscious decision-making process in which an idea is transformed into a result. Design is consciously doing things by comparing alternatives to come up with the best possible solution, a process of exploring and experimenting. Comparing and contrasting innovation, creativity, and design for children’s meals at McDonalds and Sonic: McDonalds has the “Happy Meal” and Sonic has the “Wacky Pack” both meals have a drink, meat, fries and small toy. McDonald’s meal toys usually are themed by the most recent Disney and box selling movies. Sonic offers a small toy also,...
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