Definition of Friendship

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: January 28, 2013
As a child, there was a plaque on my father’s den wall that I would read everyday. It read, “A friend is someone who knows all about, and loves you anyway.” I did not understand what it meant. I though it was a cynical quote against friendship, being my father was the sarcastic type. As an adult, I have to admit secret apologies to my dad, because now I understand the concept and meaning, and hold it to be true in my heart of what friendship is about. Being an evolving emotion, friendship enters and flees life, faster than the speed of light. You will never know when you might meet a true friend, and cannot fathom the day that you will part company with one. In the third grade, while playing jump rope with classmates, we engaged in a huge (by a 3rd grader’s opinion) argument, over some unknown aspect of the game. Everyone chose sides and split camps. The repercussions lasted so long in each of our memories; we continued our grudge into the following school years. Eventually, some people moved away, others stayed, some even forgot about the feud. Only the loyal could not let the honor of the pack be diminished. Loyalty is one of the first elements of friendship that we learn as a child. No matter the circumstance, as children, we lived and died, for the name of our neighborhood block, school, and friends. There was nothing more honorable than the chance to “take one for the team.” We associated loyalty as the sign of ultimate friendship, undying in our young hearts, until we are forced to move away, or attend different schools. As we grow, we understand the price of loyalty to a friend. The act was so innocent that we did not understand why we were being treated this way. You run the risk of being an outcast, shunned by former friends and ridiculed by classmates. Over the years, we begin to deal with the issues of being popular and going with the crowd, and end up forgetting the quality in friendship of being loyal to each other. I played basketball,...
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