Definition of Caring

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Caring is an adjective and verb all rolled into to one. Caring is listening, engaging, and, putting your words and feelings into action evoking compassion and empathy. A person that cares displays by way of compassion, empathy, and looks at the person holistically. Being a transplant coordinator for kidney transplant my job is to coordinate care and ensure that patients are healthy enough to go through a transplant surgery. In managing care bonds are formed feelings develop. My experiences with transplant recipients they depend on their nurses, social workers, and whoever plays a part in their care to do all the leg work in regards to their care. With that, said nurses take care of their patients needs outside of their realm of specialty in going beyond dealing with these patients on daily bases compassion and empathy comes into play. When transplant recipients receive, their calls for transplant it is so exciting it feels like you are receiving the transplant yourself. Caring is a must in all areas of nursing without compassion, and empathy it is not nursing. Coordinating care for transplant patients who are on emotional roll coasters dealing with dialysis and all other demands that are place on them do to having kidney disease. In most cases, it is necessary to go beyond to get the best results for the patient. Sometimes the result is that they are not a candidate for transplant, but patients find comfort in the fact that you have done your best to help them. Caring is not just a feeling it is an action as well. Feeling without action in nursing does not benefit any patient in any area of nursing. Compassion and empathy in action for patients from all lifestyles in any practice of nursing is necessary. Without caring and action, it is difficult for a nurse to have an effective impact on the patient holistically. My way of thinking correlates with Jean Watson the “Philosophy and Science of Caring” Jean Watson feels the caring is...
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