Definition of Autism

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Autism is known as a complex developmental disorder that appears in the first three years of life. It affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills. People with autism have problems with non-verbal communication, social interactions, and activities that include elements of play. Symptoms of autism are usually first noticed by a parent or another caregiver sometime during the child’s first three years. Autism is a wide-spectrum disorder which means no two people with autism will have the same exact symptoms. The severity of symptoms varies greatly, but all children with autism have some core symptoms in the areas such as: social interactions and relationships, verbal and nonverbal communication, and limited interests in activities or play. The exact cause of autism is not known, but research has pointed to several possible factors including genetics, certain types of infections, and problems occurring at birth. Recent studies have shown that some people have genetic predisposition to autism, which means that a susceptibility to develop this disorder may be passed on from parents to children. Researchers are looking for clues as to which genes contribute to this increased vulnerability. Some studies have shown that autism results from a disruption of early brain development while still in the utero. Even though there is no cure for autism at this point in time, treatment may allow relatively normal development in the child and reduce undesirable behaviors. Treatments may include: special education, behavior modification, speech, physical, and occupational therapy, and medication to help treat some symptoms. Medications cannot treat core symptoms of Autism but it can help people with Autism function better. Medication might help manage high energy levels, inability to focus, depression, or seizures. Autism is when the brain develops differently and has trouble with the important job of making sense of the world. Most people with Autism...
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