Definition of Adolescence

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When students first enter college, their diets often deteriorate and they often gain weight. There are many factors responsible for these changes. However, there are also several actions that can be taken to avoid the weight gain and decline in diet quality that may occur during the college years.

Lifestyle changes, peer pressure, limited finances, and access to food also contribute to erratic eating patterns. College students have little variety in their diet and often turn to high-fat snacks. A common error is underestimating serving sizes, meaning they often eat more than they think they are eating.

This project will give detailed study on Food Habits of College students in the present scenario, about adolescent girls & there food habits along with the analysis & interpretation.

Definition of Health:

The state of being hale, sound, or whole, in body, mind, or soul; especially, the state of being free from physical disease or pain.


Definition of Adolescence

1. The period of physical and psychological development from the onset of puberty to maturity. 2. A transitional period of development between youth and maturity: the adolescence of a nation.

Who is an Adolescent?

An adolescent from an educator's perspective is someone who is between 12 -18 (grades 7-12).

Characteristics of adolescent intellectual development include: · Moving from concrete to abstract thinking

· An intense curiosity and wide range of intellectual pursuits, few of which are sustained over the long term

· High achievement when challenged and engaged

· Preferences for active over passive learning experiences

· Interest with interacting with peers during learning activities.

· An ability to be self-reflective.

Characteristics of adolescent social development include:

· Modelling behaviour after that of older students, not necessarily that of parents and other adults.

· Immature behaviour when social skills lag behind mental and physical maturity.

· Experimenting with ways of talking and acting as part of searching for a social position with peers.

· Exploring questions of racial and ethnic identity and seeking peers who share the same background.

· Exploring questions of sexual identity in visible or invisible ways

· Feeling intimidated or frightened by the initial middle school experience · Liking fads and being interested in popular culture

· Overreacting to ridicule, embarrassment and rejection

· Seeking approval of peers and others with attention-getting behaviours

Characteristics of adolescent physical development include:

· Restlessness and fatigue due to hormonal changes

· A need for physical activity because of increased energy

· Developing sexual awareness and often touching and bumping into others · A concern with changes in body size and shape

· Physical vulnerability resulting from poor health habits or engaging in risky behaviour

Characteristics of adolescent emotional and psychological development include: · Mood swings marked by peaks of intensity and by unpredictability

· Needing to release energy, with sudden outbursts of activity

· A desire to become independent and to search for adult identity and acceptance · Concern about physical growth and maturity

· A belief that their personal problems, feelings and experiences are unique to themselves

Characteristics of adolescent moral development include:

· Understanding the complexity of moral issues and not seeing everything in “black and white”

· Being capable of and interested in participating in democracy

· Impatience with the pace of change and understanding how difficult it is to make social changes

· Needing and being influenced by adult role models who will listen and be trustworthy · Relying on parents and important adults for advice but wanting to make their own decisions

· Judging others quickly but...
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