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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Father can be defined by lots of things to lots of people. When most people think about a father, what comes to mind is a blood relative. To me though a father is something different, it's not always what you have in the beginning of your life or the blood relation you have with the adult male that made you. A father can be a lot of things and, I would like to define this for you in my words.

Fathers are in everyone's life whether it be blood relative, adopted or a close fundamental male living under the same roof. There are good fathers and some would say there are bad fathers. My beliefs are that a father is something that defines you helps you grow into a man or woman, they teach you right from wrong and pick you up when you have fallen down.

A great example of a good father with no blood relation, is one from a great comic book hero Superman. Although Superman is not from this world and his blood family died when his home planet of Krypton exploded. He was found by an Earth couple that could not have children of there own and raised him as their own flesh and blood. With the new name of Clark Kent, has he grew up he discovered he was not like most children, he had unique abilities and his new father Jonathan Kent accepted this. He loved him for him and helped deal with these new found powers, and teaching him a strong sense of morals. Jonathan sacrificed his life in the latest version to make sure Superman would live and use his powers for the benefit of the human race.

Another good example of a great father is from the hit television show Dexter. Now Dexter had a problem, when he was only three years old his mother was killed in front of him, and he spent three days in a shipping container filled with two inches of blood. The police officer on the case adopted him and saw a problem with him from the start. Dexter being troubled with what he saw blocked it out but left him with a strange urge to kill. With his new farther being a police officer and...
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