Definition and Research Two Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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Definition and Research Two Emerging Issues In Multicultural Psychology

Sandi Pilcher


April 4, 2011
Gaston Weisz

Definition and Research Two Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology

This paper is a description of how the emerging issues of definitions and research will impact society. Also included in this work is an explanation of how these issues will affect the interaction among culturally diverse groups. Society may have a variety of meanings for words, depending on the origin of the word, the current location where the word is utilized, and the cultural identity of the user. Research methodologies have been primarily developed by European and American culture, thus limiting the ability to address the culturally diverse. Professional providers will be required to review continually and ascertain available information concerning standard definitions and appropriate research methodologies.

Throughout the ages, nothing has caused more problems than the lack of communication. Many times the misuse of a word has led to comical results. Unfortunately, however misuses of this nature may have also resulted in less than positive results. Consider, for example, the word ‘nigger’. Among many African Americans, use of this word is not only accepted, it is used freely in conversation and music. However, if this word was used by someone outside of the group (or culture) there would be severe repercussions. Similarly there can be miscommunication between patient and provider. “Culture involves shared attitudes, beliefs, norms, roles, and self-definitions” (Hall, 2010, p. 8). This act of self-definition has sometimes resulted in misunderstandings between cultures. The perception of the provider may differ from the patient because of the patient’s self-definition of his actions or beliefs. Consider also that the majority of theories and concepts for psychology are derived by Europeans or Americans. This creates a limited area...
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