Topics: Truth, Reality, Religion Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 29, 2013
I'll try to speak about a forgotten value called honesty, without which I believe our lives will not be worth what they could be. Honesty could be defined as truthfulness in speech and action. While this sounds simple, it's surprisingly difficult to practice. Being truthful implies the presence of an active conscience and a working knowledge of ethics at the minimum. In everyday life, being truthful means listening to, and obeying, the voice of our conscience. I personally feel as though without honesty you will never be a stablished in your life. “Honesty is the best policy”. This old saying holds true for ever and ever. Lies may get you out of trouble initially but in the end you will be in more trouble when the truth is found out. Therefore it is best to tell the truth at all times to save you from problems later. In addition, honesty helps a person to conquer problems and excel in life. It is essential for a person to be honest with himself. Only when a person plucks up the courage to face his inner values and emotion, can he get rid of the negative feelings which hold him back and as a result, find the confidence within. The confidence is what he needs in order to handle problems and perform well. Moreover, trust is produced by honesty. Without trust, a person has no credibility which is at the core of being able to influence others and provide strong leadership. It is equally hard for him to seek help from others when needed because others may not believe in whatever he says. In addition, it is said that "what goes around, come around." People that a dishonest person attracts turn.. out to be very similar to him. Thus, it is perhaps inevitable that the dishonest person may receive someone's dishonest actions or words some day. Therefore, in order to excel in life, it is likely that a person needs friends who trust him and help him to overcome challenges. It can only be achieved by demonstrating. honesty to his friends and his fellow counterparts....
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