Definintion of Crime Prevention

Topics: Crime, Crime prevention, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Unit 2 Writing assignment

In the following essay I will discuss my own definition of crime prevention, the relationship of crime prevention to the criminal justice system, and talk about two or more institutions through which crime prevention programs and practices are delivered. To make a definition of crime prevention in my own words is actually pretty easy. I believe crime prevention means to stop a crime before it is committed. Of course that is my definition in a nut shell. The long explanation would be that I believe crime prevention starts with the parents. Parents should embed in their children’s minds of what is right and what is wrong. (Of course everyone has their own free will so they will choose to do whatever they want but with that being said they hopefully look back and what their parents have taught them and know what to do and what not to do.) Then after the parents it’s the teachers and other guidance that our children have. Once they are preadults having cops presence plus their good morals that should deter them from committing anything illegal. Of course with all this being said people will always commit crimes we just have to find what works for every situation to prevent crime in different areas. I believe the relationship of crime prevention to the criminal justice system is very important. Without the criminal justice system the world would just run wild. The criminal justice system keeps criminals in line if its incarceration, probation, or fines it somewhat deters people from committing crimes. It does not keep everyone from not breaking the law because if that was possible than we wouldn’t need any police, prisons, judges, and so on. The criminal justice system can go from anywhere from the cops to the Supreme Court. It’s not all about the little petty crimes but also protects against corporations over charging on necessities of life like food, and medications. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need any...
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